Åstorp 07. November 2016

Offer to who it may Consern

2000KVA dieselgenset, switchgear, stepuptransformers, fuelsystem incl 100M3 fuel tank, 40 meters exhaust stack, Sound attenuation and ventilation system.
Quote and scope of supply:
The quote is covering all components related to the powerplant.
All drawings of foundation will be supplied with the hardware, in order to build a one to one copy. P2200E with oversize LL9124L alternators. (or SDMO T2100)
Rated prime power: 2000 kVA/1600 kW, 3x415V-50 Hz
Woodward EGCP 2 controllers.
Pauwels step-up transformers 3x415V/3×10,5kV
LKE medium voltage switchgear (with 2 Line-incoming and 12 feeder breakers)
All low and high voltage cabling.
Complete control system and BMS system.
Exhaust stack (40 meters) and system inside the building.
Fuel feed pump and storage tank (100m3) including pipework.
Sound attenuation and ventilation system.

12 pc Generators 20 MW  FOB Danish port Packed in containers supplyed by buyer
we offer 20 Mw x 4 = 80 Mw

Perkins 4016TAG2A 2000 kVA and  Mitsubishi SDMO T2100  2100 KVA
with  Alternator over zise LL 9124L

Price on demand please contact us. 80 MW Dismantled and packed in Buyers Containers
est 100 containers free storeplace Denmark

All 4 Power Plants i ready for biodiesel